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Action: 3 Policies For Black Liberation


1. That 85% of Goods consumed by Black Households be Manufactured by Black People. 2. The Creation of Black Towns + Centers of Production with Access to Land Reparations, Raw Materials + other resources in Africa.  Historical Reparations:

3. Our History must be restored. This includes: [i.] Full disclosure of what was destroyed by colonialism + Slavery through a mass education program. [ii.] The restoration of our knowledge of Indigenous Worship + Medicine. [iii.] The Development of an African Language that can be used to communicate with other Blacks Worldwide, including on the Continent.  [iv.] The the Resources that allow us to reconstruct our History + the Tools to Disseminate them via Mass Media.  [v.] Cultural Events such as the Year of the Return which create bridges for Economic Investment in Africa for the African Diaspora based on our Shared Past. 

Photography: Nicodemus Historic District, Nicodemus, Graham County, Kansas. (Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division)

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