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Editorial: Estate Matters - The Five Documents You Should Complete ASAP By Danielle R. Gabriel

A five-part, real-time series in learning how to prepare properly for ascension.


On July 21, 2020, my world as I knew it changed suddenly. I watched my mother, Nancy Jean Gabriel, transition in front of my eyes, helpless to provide her any comfort beyond my presence. She was my greatest cheerleader and most constant presence. As I write this, I continue to be thankful for being with her. While the pandemic death tolls continue to rise, many were not afforded the luxury I had. Many well-known people have transitioned. It blew me away that like my mother, they had no will. I was baffled because even with lawyers, accountants, and etc., they didn’t ensure they were covered?

I am currently going through the task of settling the Estate. I thought it would be beneficial to share my journey as a way to put the awful thought of death into perspective. Do you want your loved ones to have to go through the painstaking task of figuring out what rights they have or what to do if you are gone? This is another area that can trace back to colonizations' negative effects on our culture. Why worry about making a will if you are just struggling to get by? You may think "I really don’t have much to give away or any assets." I’m here to tell you it is not about your bankroll, automobiles, or properties. It’s about giving your loved one's authority to act in the event you become too feeble to care for yourself. It’s to give them an idea of the celebration of your life. Having something in place even in draft form is better than nothing, especially if you do not like to talk about death or think about it.

My mom was an organ donor. During our talks, I cringed each time about what she wanted: no tears, to be cremated, and to have a little dancing while remembering the good times. I planned everything myself, and I tell you, it was God’s grace that allowed me to honor her wishes within the challenges of this pandemic.

So my fellow community members, join me on this real-time mission of wrapping up the affairs of my mother’s 73 years, here on earth.

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