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Editorial: Humanize by Yo-G

“To help eradicate indoctrination, what I would have to add at the moment is for each and every one of us to rethink what we believe to ensure we are not snared into thinking that is steered or directed by any of the various groups that have divided everyone.

It is absolutely vital for everyone to have some patience with one’s self and others. Do more research and listen to the concerns of others to see where peoples heads are at, ‘cause fear and uncertainty has and continues to feed into the division that is destroying relationships at home, with family, friends, neighbors, community, online and offline, local, and across the nation. It is concerning; division is tearing the fabric of rational thinking when at this time we all need to be helping each other survive and overcome the pandemic, corp greed, and identity politics. To do this, we need to question what we believe and put into perspective what is most important to each of us and its similarities to all of us. We must further humanize at this time as we are being dehumanized. We must research with an open mind to expose the trap of "confirmation bias." Yo-G

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