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Interview: Oakland Community Learning Center founded By The Black Panther Party


"This video contains a television program in two segments that focus on the Oakland Community Learning Center, a project founded by the Oakland, CA chapter of the Black Panther Party.

The first segment includes an interview with Huey P. Newton conducted by an Oakland Community Learning Center student named Kelita Smith. The interview runs alongside a narrative tour of the Learning Center which highlights the school's student-centered pedagogical programs that included courses in Black history, self-defense, and multi-lingual learning.

The second segment [12:38] of this program highlights the intergenerational and cooperative-leadership dimension of the Black Panther Party's educational platform. The focus is placed on Fred Morehead, "a young man who is both teaching and learning." Frank also worked as an escort for the Safe Transportation Program offered by the Center to senior citizens throughout the community."

Originally downloaded from It's About Time, the official website of the Black Panther Party Alumni

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