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Poetry: Clouds by Gerald Jackson Jr.

"Science tell us the clouds pour out precipitation .. I feel that the clouds are hiding the heavens. When i look up there some days, I see shapes, I see safety. Not one cloud looks alike, not one clouds sits and stare. Not one cloud stays stagnant. Not one cloud hates. Not one cloud withholds. Not one cloud judges me or you. So strange something so soft, puffy and imperfect like can hold so much water. Clouds are like women floating above the city. Water barriers hovering above me and you. We need them, natural nurturers. Cities that never see rain would kill to see some clouds, just as little Boys in the chi quench for some true love, ready to kill you for the thrill, a high five from the homies on the block, a false injection of love. In 3rd world countries holding buckets to the sky as love comes falling down from the angels . In the chi wishing the rain could wash away the paIn , if only rain drops could be a cure. Desperate for love or desperate for clouds. Choose one."

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